Vecto – the answer to pesky mosquitoes (and dengue)

An article in a local newspaper recently highlighted the ‘papaya leaf juice’ remedy which was found to be very effective in rapidly increasing the blood platelet count of those affected with dengue fever. But the taste…. it’s very bitter! If not desperate enough whereby the blood platelet count is going down rapidly or too low; I don’t think anyone will voluntarily consume it.

Recently a team of doctors and professors from the local universities have succeeded in formulating an easy ‘solution’ to the dengue fever menace on the rise here. The solution?


Named “Vecto”, it comes in two forms. As a soap and cream. Surprisingly, the mosquitoes just ignored the user as though one does not exist there! The effluent too is said to kill the larvae if let to run into the drains.

It is now available. Anyone interested can contact me through the comments.


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Health Benefits of Frangipani

Research shows that frangipani contains a number of powerful chemicals that are beneficial to the human body. Aside from its essential oil contents, frangipani is also packed with fulvoplumierin compounds which are known for its anti-bacterial effects. Fulvoplumierin are compounds found in the stems, leaves and roots of frangipani plants which are effective in preventing bacterial growth and inflammation of the respiratory organs, fighting hepatitis, preventing diarrhea and inhibiting the growth of TB germs.

According to research, frangipani is also effective in strengthening the immune system and fighting off stress. Frangipani is claimed to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression, dry skin, sprain and heart disease.

In India, frangipani is used to relieve cough, fever, diarrhea and dysentery. It is also used in preventing the occurrence of fainting due to excessive heat, in treating constipation, in addressing the irregular discharge of urine and in obtaining adequate amount of high quality sleep. Its flowers are known to be effective in stopping cough, regulating the shed of urine and in lowering the temperature. Meanwhile, its trunk contains compounds that are useful in regulating bowel movements.

When frangipani flowers are cooked, it creates a savory flavour which brings about a number of health benefits and therapeutic effects to the body. Frangipani contains chemicals that make excellent toothache drug. Some of its chemical contents are even capable of relieving cracking and swelling on soles. It can even be used to treat ulcer and when taken as tea, it creates a cooling effect which is good for digestion. Some cultures use frangipani to heal sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea.

For centuries, frangipani is widely used in Indian societies because of its healing benefits. Its floral scent is used in aromatherapy as it helps in rejuvenating the mind and body of an individual. The inhalation of the scent promotes deep internal cleansing which refreshes the soul, body and mind of an individual. Aside from its relaxing and de-stressing effects, frangipani is also known to create a calming, spiritual and soothing atmosphere.

It is used in aromatherapy because of its heavy, sweet and green aroma that is found to be alluring and sensual. Its seductive and long-lasting fragrance makes it one of the main ingredients in a number of gels, hair packs, conditioners and shampoos.

Aside from its magnificent scent, frangipani is highly regarded for its amazing benefits to the skin and hair. Frangipani can also be used in cosmetics, massage oil, bath and beauty products as it serves as a perfect skin care because of its age defying effects. It helps in revitalizing the skin and hair, and gives optimum moisture. It is easily absorbed by the skin thereby making the skin healthier, smoother and softer. It also provides protection against the harmful UV-rays of the sun.

It is even used in terminal care because it creates inner peace and self-awareness as well as in reducing the patient’s stress and reviving their spirit. Furthermore, it creates an aromatic environment that is found to be relaxing, soothing, invigorating and energizing.

Frangipani is sometimes used as ingredients in lotions and creams because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it is featured in many ointments and concoctions due to its anti-inflammatory properties which are effective in relieving back pain, headache, tinnitus and inflammation.

Frangipani (kemboja) is one of the essential oil extract in Sutra Multipurpose Aromatherapy Spray – Glory.

sutra multipurpose premium Sutra multipurpose aromatherapy spray range of product is a must have. It is a household pest repellant, a glass cleaner, tables and countertop cleaner, ironing aid, air freshener (without equal), relieves minor discomforts and many more other functions users discovered on a near daily basis.

It is a Bio-Nexus product, safe to use; and a real money saver.

‘Glory’ is one of two premium grade with added function as EDP perfume and a host of other uses to be discovered.  Now one have not worry about ‘smells’ when sweating!

Get a set!  Just comment here or message me at my fb account: ishak.mtsom and I’ll get back to you.

(Note: Starting from 1st April, 2015 GST of 6% will be imposed)


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Turn out Amazing Beats like a Pro with Dr. Drum

Have you dreamed of making your own music?

Have you tried some of the cheap or even free beat making software that promises easy solutions to make you the star of your local club or the envy of your friends?

If you have you know that most of those crappy programs give you tiny keyboards with limited functions, limited sound recordings to choose from, all in low-quality MP3 files that have a weak, tin sound.

That’s not even the worst of it. Many of those free programs are loaded with viruses and Trojans that will destroy your computer.

Even if you manage to avoid a computer catastrophe, after you’ve fiddled with them as best you can, you get to save your files in MP3 that will get you laughed out of clubs and make your friends shake their heads. Nice try, but forget those dreams.

Try Dr Drum instead.

3 Powerful Programs in One:

Well, get ready to grab that dream and really make it happen. Dr. Drum is a powerful 3 element program that will turn you into a real producer. It comes with an intricate drum program that has dozens of kits to choose from to create the perfect sound. Each kit has a 12-pad set and is easy to use, and you can import your own beats to the program too.

Along with the beats, you can back up your live music or import fresh music to the program and combine it with the beats, or make your own right there with the 4-octave keyboard that can recreate any instrument and also includes FX to add depth and fun to your recordings.

The next step is to create polished, edited tracks on the 16-track synthesizer included with your Dr. Drum Beat Making software. This is the same kind of sound board you would find in a professional studio. It lets you adjust volume, tone, pan or mute individual tracks or alter master volume on all tracks at once.

You can copy one or several tracks and duplicate them, delete or adjust them as needed, all in a simple one-click process. You can change sounds and patters in just a couple clicks, it’s all as simple as can be, and you get detailed video tutorials to help guide you so you will be making awesome music right from the start.

Get Dr Drum NOW!

Be a Star with Dr. Drum:

Whatever your reason for making music, whether it is to have fun with your friends or become a professional DJ, or even sell tracks to producers, the Dr. Drum Beat Making software makes it all

How much could this all cost?

After all, it turns out studio quality 44.1 stereo 16bit PCM .wav files that are suitable for any type of professional production.

In a hurry? Click here to find out.

Hold on to your seat, this beat won’t break you. You can get it for a limited time for less money than a nice dinner for two. Don’t wait, find out how easy it is to make your friends jealous and turn out beats like a pro with Dr. Drum.

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The protein that reveals the heart’s ability to repair itself: Thymosin Beta-4

The protein that reveals the heart’s ability to repair itself: Thymosin Beta-4
by FantasyClay under CC BY-ND  with WPSEOPix

Beyond all the miraculous systems in the body, the heart by itself is one of the finest examples of flawless creation. No similar artificial mechanism that “can keep someone alive” has thus far been built, despite all the recent scientific advances. With the cells that comprise it, its special valve systems and the manner in which the opening and closing of these valves is regulated, the heart is an organ with exceptionally complex and special systems. No other organ can do anything like the work it performs.

· What happens in the event of an impairment in the functioning of this organ?

· How can the heart repair itself following a heart attack?

· What role does the thymosin beta-4 (TB4) molecule play in the heart’s self-repair?

Although it is only 22 days since its creation, a small collection of cells on the left side of the fetus begins to move. This collection of cells will never stop now, not for a very long time. It will never tire. It will beat approximately 70 times per minute, some 35 million times per year, and around two trillion times over the course of an average life span. It will pump some 227 million liters of blood over the course of a lifetime. It will tirelessly feed all the organs of the body through the network of blood vessels . The heart functions perfectly in every body because Allah so chooses, and everything it does is under our Lord’s control at every moment. Allah exhibits His artistry of detail in the human body and reveals this in a verse:

“Allah brought you out of your mothers’ wombs knowing nothing at all, and gave you hearing, sight and hearts so that perhaps you would show thanks.” (Surat an-Nahl, 78)

This organ, the foundation of life, also uses blood to nourish itself. However, in order to remind people of their weakness, our Lord may sometimes cause the vessels that feed the heart to narrow, using such natural causes as cholesterol (blood fats), other fats, calcium and combinations of other substances. This then leads to impaired circulation in the blood vessels (coronary arteries) that supply the heart, finally resulting in a heart defect. When the narrowing of the vessels turns into complete blockage over the course of time, the result is severe chest pain and a heart attack. This generally proves fatal, though some victims do survive. But their hearts still suffer damage from the attack.

Recent studies have once again shown Almighty Allah’s love for and mercy on His servants. Because a protein that the heart produces during the developmental stage in children enables the damaged heart to be repaired and increases the vessels supplying it.

The Healing Power of the Heart: Thymosin Beta-4

During a heart attack, heart cells die when the flow of blood to the heart is suddenly cut off, resulting in irreparable damage. This damage persists in the form of a decreased quality of life in the patient’s later life.

Until recently it used to be thought that, unlike other organs, the heart had no ability to repair itself. Today, however, we know that this damage can be put right by the body. The protein thymosin beta-4 (TB4), which plays a key role in the development of the heart in children, activates stem cells that are lie dormant in the adult heart. These tiny proteins, known as thymosin, which comes in two forms in living tissue, α 1 and β 4, possess the ability to reprogram cells in the body. The protein is today administered in the form of a drug, and sends the stem cells a code regarding the repair of the heart. The heart thus heals itself without the need for other treatment. Administered in pharmaceutical form, this protein improves heart performance by up to 25% by causing stem cells to turn into heart and artery cells. It repairs the damaged heart cells, increases the arteries supplying the heart and permits the muscles to repair themselves.

Allah, the Creator of All, Is Most Great

Events in our body that we are unaware of, and whose existence we have usually never even heard of, take place inside us with the greatest regularity. Our heartbeat, essential for our survival, is not something we initiate or maintain of our own will. Our heart is one of the organs miraculously created by our Lord. This organ begins beating as a collection of cells when a person is still in his mother’s womb, and continues to flawlessly discharge its duties until the end of that person’s life.

Research in recent years has revealed that in the event of a defect arising in this immaculately functioning organ, various proteins go into action to repair it. However, proteins themselves possess no such medical knowledge with which to identify defects developing in the heart, and lack the consciousness to save a person’s life by taking such precautions. Yet they are present in everyone’s body and ready to serve the same function. A protein with such superior properties is neither the product of human intelligence nor of any supposed evolutionary process. It was created by Allah, He who bestows order, glory and perfection on all He creates. Allah is He Who meets the needs of all created things (Kafi), He Who enfolds them (Muhit) and Who is mighty enough to do all that He wishes, in the manner He wishes (Kadir). He is the only One to be thanked and praised (Hamid). He is the One who creates without previous models (Bedi). This is revealed in the following verse:

“the Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, ‘Be!’ and it is.” (Surat al-Baqara, 117)

The heart is made up of special muscles that never tire. If your heart muscles were to tire in doing things that cause you fatigue, then you could never do such routine day-to-day activities as cleaning, sport, climbing up stairs and the like. You would be exhausted before you even began. But apart from exceptional diseases, this never happens. Because Allah manifests His infinite mercy on His servants by bestowing tirelessness on the muscles of the heart. There is no doubt that this is one of the matchless works of our Lord, who knows all things down to the finest detail and Who manifests His omniscience in every detail. The omniscience of Allah is revealed in the following verse:
“… My Lord encompasses all things in His knowledge so will you not pay heed?” (Surat al-An’am, 80)

There is a highly systematic mechanism in the heart. That mechanism is essential for human life. Otherwise, a single flaw arising in the system could spell the end of the life of the person concerned. The most important of the heart’s mechanisms is the pumps on its right and left. There are also auricles and ventricles on both sides of the heart. The small pumps on either side are the auricles, while the ventricles constitute the large pumps. The left side of the heart is occupied with clean blood. It is the task of the left auricle and ventricle to ensure that incoming blood reaches the organs and tissues. The right side of the heart is occupied with used (dirty) blood. The right auricle and ventricle send the blood to the lungs for cleaning.

The Heart Is An Immaculate Organ Created By Almighty Allah

It Pumps Blood with Ease:The heart is a piece of flesh the size of a fist composed of water, fats and proteins. This piece of flesh possesses a more perfect and complex system than the most advanced technological pump that all the experts in the world could produce using their computers. This matchless piece of flesh is strong enough to cause blood to spout up to three meters in the air.

It Identifies Oxygen Requirements:The heart pumps as much blood as it calculates the body needs. This wondrous organ pumps just four to six liters of blood per minute when the body is at rest. That is enough for the person at that time as the cells in the body do not require that much oxygen just then. But someone doing strenuous exercise needs more oxygen. Oxygen needs to be transmitted to the cells more quickly. The heart immediately identifies this need and begins beating faster. The amount of blood pumped by the heart increases by four to seven times during exercise.

It Supports Tiring Muscles: The heart never stops working, but sometimes it works even harder than usual. When one runs, the amount of blood pumped by the heart can rise to 2,270 liters an hour. It can raise its work rate from 70 beats per minute to 180 per minute in order to provide the oxygen our tiring muscles need. It can increase the amount of blood supplied to the tissues five-fold. When our other muscles engage in a tiring activity, the heart accelerates to support them.

It Coordinates the Auricles and Ventricles:The system in the heart has perfect timing. That is the result of co-ordination and communication among the cells that comprise the heart. The noteworthy thing here, of course, is the “intelligence” in the cells that act under the inspiration of Allah. The cells that make up the heart send a current to the other side of the heart at a speed of some 60 centimeters per second. The signal is sent from a region known as the S.A. node. The cells that make up the S.A. node produce the signal in just 1/14 of a second. There are cells that produce a second current here, known as the A.V. node. The current sets the two auricles into motion as it passes and causes them to contract in order to collect blood. When the electric current, that is still moving, reaches the ventricular muscles, special fibrous cells in the muscle tissue between the right auricle and the right ventricle halt it. This causes a delay in the current reaching the ventricle. The speed of the current falls to 20 centimeters per second and it begins being transmitted in 1/16 of a second. This delay is exceedingly important. Because of it, the auricles fill with blood before the ventricles contract, and are thus able to prepare themselves to pump blood. This is the secret of the synchronized action of the heart.

Extract from:

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Aerobic Breathing

The Secret to slimming, building immune system and eliminating disease by breathing

Are You Breathing Right?

Do you know that breathing right will make a great difference in your life – a difference that you can feel and see; and others can see in you?

Here in Asia there are many breathing techniques to improve one’s health. The Malays, Chinese and Indians all have their own system and variations. What all have in common is the “breathe in – hold – breathe out” technique. We Malays also have a technique, which coupled with certain posture or postures can “magically” improve health and longevity.

However, the technique I am revealing below is just the basic breathing technique, but powerful enough to transform you, if you diligently and consistently practice it.

The System

First, purse your lips as if you are to whistle or to blow through a straw or such. Blow as long as you comfortably can to completely empty your lungs. Then sniff up as if you have a runny nose and hold to a count of 3, or as long as you comfortably can.

Beginning with your mouth closed, force the air out through the mouth. Then, towards the end, let your jaw drop open and get out as much of the air as you can. Make your mouth as big as you can while you force out all the air in your lungs with a forceful “Pahh!” and at the same time tucking in your stomach.

Now hold your breath and contract the muscles in your stomach and diaphragm, lifting all the muscles to your throat. Hold this as long as possible and then take a normal breath. (That’s one cycle.) You should move right into the next cycle and do 10 in a row or any amount of repetitions without over-exertion. STOP when you are tired.

Do at least 10 times in a row every day. But at your first try, if you feel tired after 2 or 3 cycles; stop and rest a while before continuing into the next cycle. If you want to lose inches from your waist, do this about 40 times. 20 times a day will ensure a healthier you. FEEL the difference!

Hip Tips

Start in front of a mirror and after a few attempts, take this work-free workout with you wherever you go.

The keyword here is “comfortably can”. Do not over-exert yourself. The complete exercise must be a FUN thing to do.

It is best if you maintain a sort of rhythm by being consistent with the counts in your breathing in, hold and breathing out routine.

If this is the first time you are doing complete breathing, go slow on the repetition and slowly build up the counts. You are flooding your body with healthy oxygen which will clear the toxins from your body

Sudden increases in oxygen intake will make you nauseous. You NEED to get used to the extra oxygen. After that, you will never turn back. You will love that feeling. Your body will love that change!

Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins from your body. You’ll need to drink 8 to 11 glasses of water daily depending on your body weight.

Do not gulp down your water. Sip in small amounts. Regular and consistent. You would not want to flood your guts. You need water in your cells. Remember, it is not the amount of water that you take is important; it’s how much that goes to your cells that determines your blood pH and your health status.

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